20th Class Reunion Survey

Greetings Fellow Classmates!

Please take the time to complete the short survey.  This will allow us to be able to properly plan for our 20th class reunion.  If you have any questions or concerns following the survey, please do not hesitate to send an email to jasclass99@yahoo.com

Best Regards,

Renita Taylor Thompson

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1)   What is your name? Please include your maiden name if it has changed.

2)   Are you interested in attending the 20th class reunion?

Yes No
3)   Do you live within 50 miles of Quincy, FL?

Yes No
4)   Are you interested in serving on a subcommittee?

Yes No
5)   When would you prefer the reunion be held?

  August 2019
  September 2019
6)   Which Reunion Option are you most interested in? (Please see 20th Reunion previous page) Option A. Lights, Camera, Action! Option B. Beach Paradise Reunion Option C. Location! Location! Location! Option D. Bon Voyage!

  Option A
  Option B
  Option C
  Option D